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About Heather

Heather Lambe Fitzgerald

After high school Heather was on her way to Uruguay as an exchange student and met Joe Greenly of Atlanta, GA. Joe probably didn’t realize that he was about to change Heather’s life forever. They chatted and became pen pals and when Heather was in Uruguay with nothing to read in English, Joe sent her some fashion/teen magazines to enjoy. It was in one of those that Heather found an article about massage therapy and how it was an up and coming profession. She had always enjoyed massaging the backs and necks of friends, so she ripped out the article, saved it and later investigated schools that offered therapeutic massage. As a result, Heather enrolled at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and graduated in August of 1989. Since then, she has pursued her education and received certifications in NeuroMuscular Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and Bowenwork.


From a clinical standpoint, she has always been fascinated with the human body. The more she works on it — the more she learns about the idiosyncrasies of the different body parts. She enjoys the challenge of deductive reasoning when looking at the body as a whole and figuring out how to use her skills to address each client’s individual needs. Where pain is manifested, is not necessarily the source of the problem. Each client is unique. And that is how Heather addresses each individual…with a unique and customized approach.

Heather also receives different therapy techniques. She feels that one cannot lead a path that has not been travelled.

And most importantly are Heather’s clients. They range from young children to 87 and span several generations. She is going on the 3rd generation of several of her client’s families. If you trust someone with your child’s, sister’s, or parent’s well being...that says it all.

Heather & JoeOn a personal note...Heather is hometown girl from Arlington Heights. She resides in Schaumburg with her husband Jay. She enjoys scuba diving, reading, exercising and cooking.

Heather and Jay are also active in a start-up ministry called Sustainable Action International (SAI) that assists and aides people in a remote area of Haiti. While there are many aid programs in Haiti, SAI was formed to provide sustainable living, education, and farming in Haiti through self-sufficiency and self-dependency of the Haitian people. For more details, visit their website at: