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Therapeutic Massage

For pain relief and a healthy lifestyle



I have been a client of Advanced Health Concepts for over 20 years. Heather has helped me through many situations ranging from massage therapy to the pain and aftermath of surgery. She has adapted her methods to help me get through all of my body’s physical changes. Heather has also continued her education, bringing continued knowledge, and consequently, continued help in my well being. I would recommend Heather to everyone and I have because of her growth as a massage therapist and a caring person - qualities that are rare in this day and age.

Judy Furgas

Bowenwork & Headaches

I had been experiencing increasingly stronger headaches for about 6 months. They often lasted 48 hours or more and got to the point where I was having them 2 or 3 times a month.

They were really affecting my life and limiting my activities. I tried over-the-counter pain medications and they didn’t even take the edge off of these episodes. It was clear to me that I had 2 choices: go to my doctor for prescription painkillers and/or muscle relaxers, or try a holistic approach. After learning that Heather was education in Bowen Technique, I decided upon this approach.

In addition to treating me, Heather answered all of my questions and concerns, and described the work very clearly. I had 3 Bowen sessions over 2 months. It’s now been 7 months since my last session without a single headache.

Because of this great success, I have permanently added Bowen Therapy to my list of “Things I Will Do to Take Care of Myself”. What an easy and relaxing way to get ride of what was such a painful problem. I am so grateful to Heather for her skillful hand and intuitive intelligence.

Sonia Hayden